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Tevis Cup 2010 {usa}

Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:52 pm

Tevis Cup 2010
Hosted by Aeolus
Hosted August 7th-8th, 2010
Eligible for AHAC points (Arabians and Half-Arabians Only, Class A Races)[/blockquote]

100 miles
Number of finishers: 4
01. BC Nazar - Finished with a time of [17:27:46]
02. HPS Ali Baba - Finished with a time of [17:37:58]
03. Sandon - Finished with a time of [17:45:23]
04. Concealant SI - Finished with a time of [17:53:44]

Tevis Cup: Nazar
Haggin Cup: Nazar

Not a great turnout, but we're really glad to see these horses doing so well. All four had excellent runs, with no lameness or metabolic issues. You can really tell the conditioning on these horses has made a big difference.

It was a close call on the Best Condition scoring. Concealant SI and Sandon were both not 100% at the final vet check, though still plenty fit to continue.

HPS Ali Baba had a great final vet check, but he seemed to lag a bit in the middle of the race and didn't have the nicest trot out at the second vet check, and that hurt his score.

And so, by the end of the day, walking away with both the Tevis Cup and the Haggin Cup was Safwan International's Nazar. A great win for a great horse!

Thank you everyone for participating, we are really looking forward to next year!

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