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Quickie Hunter Show

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:35 am
by Jenna
Quickie Hunter Show
Held at Blue Penguins, Inc. All SIM Show Board

1. In-Hand Jn. Mares
1-G Saora Alilah
3-Cream Dream
4-Fineleea Diva
5-Dream Space
6-Sound of Silence
7-Impressive Dream
8-G Saafoh Erotikk
9-Premiere Moon
10-Sugar Port
11-ES Phyches Mystified
2. In-Hand Sn. Mares
1-Red Lay Dee
2-Sheza Pretty Dancer
3-Clap Your Hands
4-Risky Move
5-Peppy Gold Bar
3. In-Hand Jn. Stallions
1-SA Make Way
2-Mighty Prospect
3-Country Stride
4-SA Karl's Dream
5-G Al Qayuoom
6-Safe Haven
7-Tassas Asam
8-Shaikh Al Muja
4. In-hand Sn. Stallions
1-Basked Sunlight
2-Karl's Nickel
3-HBF Iron Man
4-It's Impossible
5. Jn. Hunter Under Saddle
1-Dream Space
4-G Saora Alilah
5-Fineleea Diva
6-Cream Dream
7-F Al Shaba
8-Sound of Silence
9-G Saafoh Erotikk
10-G Al Qayuoom
6. Sn. Hunter Under Saddle
1-Peppy Gold Bar
2-Clap Your Hands
3-Risky Move
4-HBF Iron Man
5-Sheza Pretty Dancer
6-Thee Ruminaja
7-Red Lay Dee
8-Basked Sunlight
7. Jn. Hunter Equitation
1-SA Karl's Dream
2-SA Make Way
3-Fineleea Diva
4-G Saora Alilah
5-4C Elite Chinook
6-G Saafoh Erotikk
7-G Al Qayuoom
8-Safe Haven
8. Sn. Hunter Equitation
1-HBF Iron Man
2-Karl's Nickel
3-Risky Move
4-Peppy Gold Bar
5-Red Lay Dee
9. Jn. Hunter Over Fences
1-Fineleea Diva
3-Sound of Silence
4-G Saora Alilah
6-Northern Calliope
10. Sn. Hunter Over Fences
1- Sheza Pretty Dancer
2- Peppy Gold Bar
3- Clap Your Hands
4- Risky Move
11. Jn. Hunter Hack
1- G Saora Alilah
2- Fineleea Diva
12. Sn. Hunter Hack
1- Risky Move
2- Peppy Gold Bar
13. Hunter Over Fences 2'0
1- Phantom
2- Pherrazon
14. Hunter Over Fences 2'6
1- G Saora Alilah
2- Phazzeyn
15. Hunter Over Fences 3'0
1- SA Make Way
2- SA Karl's Dream
3- Peppy Gold Bar
4- 4C Elite Chinook
5- Mighty Prospect
16. Hunter Over Fences 3'6
1- Risky Move
2- Karl's Nickel
3- Safe Haven
17. Hunter Over Fences 4'0
1- Fineleea Diva
2- Dream Space