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Shady Oaks Opening Jumper Show

Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:44 am

Shady Oaks Opening Jumper Show
Held by Chantelle at Shady Oaks Inter-SIM Show Grounds

Show Held: 1st October

1- 1'-1'6"
Twinkling Star-4TH
Pet Aversion- 1ST
Dancen With You-5TH
RFR I Spot A Cute Lady-2ND
Rowfantina Filigree-3RD

2- 2'- 2'3"
Twinkling Star-1ST
Pet Aversion-4TH
FE TC Rhode Toward Arktic-3RD
Severn Crickieth-2ND

3- 2'6"- 2'9"
Hired Questions-1ST
Never Miss A Freckle-3RD
Carwed Orlaithe-2ND

4- 3'0-3'9"
Corrado II-4TH
z-class Distant Danza-1ST
Bailefour Gryphin-2ND

5- 4'0-4'9"
Irish Pride-5TH
Irish Dream-3RD
Lord Carnival-1ST
z-class Constitutional Mascon-4TH
z-class Summers Solution-6TH
FE Authority Figure-2ND

6- 5'0-5'5"
Lord Carnival-2ND
Calypso III-1ST
Miss Callisto-7TH
Chaka Khan-6TH
Golden Romeo-4TH
z-class EF NF Atagot Summer Diatys-3RD
Golden Classique-5TH

7- The Puissance
Lord Carnival-2ND
Calypso III-1ST
Golden Romeo-4TH
z-class EF NF Atagot Summer Diatys-5TH
Golden Classique-3RD

8- Speed Class (3'0- 3'9")
Irish Pride-1ST
z-class Distant Danza-3RD
Bailefour Gryphin-2ND

9- Speed Class (4'0-4'6)
Irish Dream-3RD
z-class Constitutional Mascon-1ST
z-class Summers Solution-2ND

10- Clear Round
Golden Romeo (5'0-5'5")-CLEAR
z-class Constitutional Mascon (4'0-4'9")-4FLTS
z-class Distant Danza (3'0-3'9")-CLEAR
z-class EF NF Atagot Summer Diatys (5'0-5'5")-8FLTS
z-class Summers Solution (4'0-4'9")-CLEAR
Golden Classique (5'0-5'5")-12FLTS
Carwed Orlaithe- 2'6-2'9- CLEAR
Bailefour Gryphin 3'0-3'9- 4FLTS

Twinkling Star- 70pts
Pet Aversion- 70pts
Irish Pride- 60pts
Irish Dream- 60pts
Lord Carnival- 130pts
Dancen With You- 10pts
RFR I Spot A Cute Lady- 40pts
Rowfantina Filigree- 30pts
FE TC Rhode Toward Arktic- 30pts
Severn Crickieth- 40pts
Hired Questions- 50pts
Never Miss A Freckle- 30pts
Carwed Orlaithe- 45pts
Corrado II- 20pts
Braveheart- 30pts
z-class Distant Danza- 85pts
z-class Constitutional Mascon- 70pts
z-class Summers Solution- 50pts
FE Authority Figure- 40pts
z-class EF NF Atagot Summer Diatys- 40pts
Golden Classique- 40pts
Golden Romeo- 45pts
Calypso III- 100pts
Miss Callisto- 5pts
Chaka Khan- 5pts

Opening Jumper Show Champion- Lord Carnival
Opening Jumper Show Champion- Calypso III
Westveil Estate

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