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WHI More The Better Racemeet

Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:08 pm

1. $20,000 Mad About You Maiden, 6f, Dirt, Fillies only
Win: Herbal Essence $12,000
Place: Silver Chinook $5,000
Show: Amaryllis $3,000
Fourth: London's Money Tree
Fifth: Black Betty
Sixth: Ebony Mist

2. $20,000 Truth Be Told Maiden, 7f, Dirt, Colts/Geldings only
Win: Labor Intensive $12,000
Place: Bemeire $5,000
Show: Southern Charm $3,000
Fourth: Sukiyaki
Fifth: Winning Challenge

3. $30,000 Turning Point Maiden, 6f, Dirt, all genders
Win: Gridlock $15,000
Place: RTW Spotlight $10,000
Show: YB Silent $5,000
Fourth: CA Castaway
Fifth: Maelstrom

4. $75,000 Burden Of Proof Juvenile Futurity, 1m, Dirt, 2 y/o's only
Win: RTW Tricky Tariat $40,000
Place: Mexican Slewpy Slew $25,000
Show: Fleeting By $10,000
Fourth: Lost in the Fog
Fifth: Jive La Dane
Sixth: Tons of Tomatoes

5. $50,000 Incentive Plan Allowance, 1m, Dirt, all genders
Win: Evasive $25,000
Place: Daystyle $15,000
Show: Dynamite Kisser $10,000
Fourth: London's Passion Flower
Fifth: Brilliantissima
Sixth: Celtic Dance

6. $75,000 Wanna Bee Ungraded Stakes, 1 1/16m, Dirt, all genders
Win: Danzig Klub $40,000
Place: Atlas $25,000
Show: Iceman $10,000
Fourth: Classical Trick
Fifth: Hamlet
Sixth: BMS Vanished

7. $100,000 Full Moon Rising Grade 3 Stakes, 1 3/16m, Dirt, all genders
Win: African Testimony $60,000
Place: Grand Belle $30,000
Show: Steppin Out $10,000
Fourth: Shutout
Fifth: RS/PS Aqua's Honor
Sixth: NA Northern Impression

8. $150,000 For The Heck Of It Grade 2 Stakes, 1 1/4m, Dirt, all genders
Win: SF Torpedo $75,000
Place: Seattle Fire $50,000
Show: Catchmyshadow $25,000
Fourth: Prospect Of Gold
Fifth: Hothi
Sixth: Gold Fire

9. $200,000 Full Speed Ahead Grade 2 Stakes, 1 1/8m, Dirt, all genders
Win: Raising Kane $120,000
Place: Silenced $60,000
Show: RS Christmas Bells Ringing $20,000
Fourth: Five Alarm Fire
Fifth: Distant Emblem
Sixth: Regal Cinnamon

10. $250,000 Pretty In Pink Distaff Grade 1 Stakes, 1 1/6m, Dirt, Fillies/Mares only
Win: Made In Africa $125,000
Place: Blu Haze $75,000
Show: Lady Algaranna $50,000
Fourth: Dynamite's Spirit
Fifth: Too Shy To Flirt
Sixth: Slew's Gurl

11. $300,000 Matcho Man Classic, Grade 1 Stakes, 1 1/2m, Dirt, Colts/Geldings/Stallions only
Win: Vindiction $180,000
Place: Illustration $90,000
Show: Dance For The Royal $30,000
Fourth: The Messenger
Fifth: RS Unknown
Sixth: Anzi Quip

12. $350,000 Coolton Stakes, Grade 1 Stakes, 1 1/4m, Dirt, all genders and ages
Win: Slapshot $200,000
Place: Mr. Bold Chance $100,000
Show: Pegasus Slew $50,000
Fourth: Our Embrace
Fifth: Distant Ovation
Sixth: Diplomat

13. $500,000 Hampshire Derby, Grade 1 Stakes, 1 1/8m, Dirt, all genders, 3 y/o+
Win: Lohnros Pine $250,000
Place: Fire On Ice $150,000
Show: TC War House $100,000
Fourth: Alottasmoke
Fifth: Affirmed Eternity
Sixth: Seattle Dreamer

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