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PF Dancing To The Beat Dressage Show

Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:09 pm

Prospects In Hand (horses 0 - 3yrs only)
Group A
1st place - SF Wizardry
2nd place - Eye Popper PF
3rd place - Sirello
4th place - RFS Iron Curtain
5th place - Catch on Fyre
6th place - Lady of Music
7th place - RF Melodic Medley
8th place - KC Silverway

Group B
1st place - KC London Comic
2nd place - SF Conquer
3rd place - El Aswad E
4th place - Rustic River's Jackson
5th place - Bella Roca
6th place - NW A Defining Moment
7th place - Sock Em PF

Prospects In Hand Champion – SF Wizardry
Prospects In Hand Reserve Champion - KC London Comic

Introductory Level
1st place - Leige Majik
2nd place - Promised Prepositions PF
3rd place - Marika PF
4th place - Flaire for the Obvious
5th place - WW Tivia's SunSpot
6th place - Victory's Just Don't Forget
7th place - Fairbanks
8th place - Kildeer Faye

Training Level
Group A
1st place - Woodland's Mr.dressup
2nd place - Imperial Koko
3rd place - Frolero
4th place - SL Kalada's Royal Request
5th place - Scenic Tour
6th place - Underestimated PF
7th place – Calypso

Group B
1st place - Spider
2nd place - Rockstarr
3rd place - Peregrinev
4th place - Dandardel Jessica
5th place - Tempest
6th place - Woodland's Heart Breaker

Group C
1st place - Bjintje PF
2nd place - Aristotle
3rd place - Dorcas
4th place - PC Colors of Everest
5th place - Bluebonnet
6th place – Farasha

Training Level Champion – Woodland's Mr.dressup
Training Level Reserve Champion - Bjintje PF

Level I
Group A
1st place - An Luan PF
2nd place - Carwed Orlaithe
3rd place - Rock n Roll
4th place - Forestway Sandman
5th place - Hidden Spring
6th place - Yzmavi
7th place - Rebellion

Group B
1st place - Little Mega Man
2nd place - SL Pretty Inviting
3rd place - Amistad
4th place - SCH Everest
5th place - Mascaro Rogue PF
6th place - Quincy's Blackbird

Level I Champion – An Luan PF
Level I Reserve Champion - Little Mega Man

Level II
Group A
1st place - Justa Mere Maverick PF
2nd place - RFR Havest Moon
3rd place - Baledon Vika
4th place - Expected Adara Of Mable
5th place - Lady of the Wind
6th place - S Esprit Libre

Group B
1st place - D Adzharia
2nd place - RFR Of The Ice
3rd place - Incomplete
4th place - KC Old Standby
5th place - SunDown's Sabwat Shams
6th place - Silver Legacy PF

Level II Champion – D Adzharia
Level II Reserve Champion - Justa Mere Maverick PF

Level III
Group A
1st place - KC Goodbar
2nd place - Tammen PF
3rd place - Aladdinn's Charisma
4th place - Lady Hawk
5th place - Doushour's Eowyn

Group B
1st place - Amal's Amin Zameel
2nd place - Lemonora
3rd place - Latte
4th place - Bailefour Gryphin
5th place - Oberon PF

Level III Champion – KC Goodbar
Level III Reserve Champion - Amal's Amin Zameel

Level IV
Group A
1st place - Lady of Glory
2nd place - Jaguar's Firewall
3rd place - KC Baltimore
4th place - City Streets PF
5th place - WW Questioning Comets

Group B
1st place - S Bravura
2nd place - El Bedeih Eswad
3rd place - Wandamere's Humphrey Bogart
4th place - Two to Tango
5th place - KC RBS Hannah’s Secret PF

Level IV Champion – S Bravura
Level IV Reserve Champion - Lady of Glory

Prix St George
1st place - D Weltmont
2nd place - Meridian
3rd place - Rauke
4th place - Prizm
5th place - Gobar Inspiration PF
6th place - Show Session

Intermediate I
1st place - Pay to Cheat
2nd place - Pik Dom
3rd place - War In The West PF
4th place - Ideal Card
5th place - Monaco

Intermediate II
1st place - Favory Rebellion PF
2nd place - SCH Lord of the Jumps
3rd place - Waran PF
4th place - RFR Tyms Innocent Expression

Grand Prix
1st place - Shady Glade
2nd place - De La Han
3rd place - Anchoret
4th place - Toulouse
5th place - The Magician's Wand
6th place - New England's Pretty Miss
7th place - KC Eclipse Moon
8th place - Sherif Pasha PF


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