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PF Lost My Shoe Eventing Show

Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:11 pm

Beginner Novice
Group A
1st place - Desperado
2nd place - SL Kalada's Royal Request
3rd place - Toulouse
4th place - RFR Tyranical Sapphire
5th place - Severn Crickieth
6th place - Nipna Pennyshot
7th place - Oberon PF
8th place - Solitude

Group B
1st place - KC Zippos Smooth Talker
2nd place - Hidden Springs Luxurious
3rd place - Artic Spell
4th place - Papillon Bleu
5th place - Black Magic
6th place - Celebrity
7th place - Hyblaen's Light
8th place - MH Personal Slew

Group A
1st place - Meridian
2nd place - SL Pretty Inviting
3rd place - AP Jewel
4th place - Seattle Moonlight
5th place - Papillon Fantail
6th place - Crystal's Irish Melody
7th place - Dark Hawk
8th place - Hidden Springs Accent
9th place - Fleur

Group B
1st place - Ice Beauty
2nd place - Dark Crystal
3rd place - Quincy's Blackbird
4th place - Dancing Fyre**+
5th place - Sunny Delight
6th place - Morning Silence
7th place - KC Starstruck
8th place - RFR Raising Titanic
9th place - Vesta

Group A
1st place - Zip I De Do Da
2nd place - Femiro
3rd place - Skylar
4th place - Woodland's Mr.Dressup
5th place - Sinovia
6th place - E Carizzani
7th place - Trafalgar
8th place - Expected Adara Of Mable
9th place - SLS Brewmystar PF

Group B
1st place - KC Old Standby
2nd place - KB Whimsical
3rd place - ES Donner Lights
4th place - Acaria Al Sheik
5th place - Lone Trees Romeo
6th place - Tempesta
7th place - Unbridled Princess
8th place - Woodland's Heart Breaker
9th place - ES Demevia

1st place - An Luan
2nd place - Monaco
3rd place - WBF Cookies Dream
4th place - Ibn Khale Khironn
5th place - Amal's Amin Zameel
6th place - My Brightest Rainbow
7th place - Doushour's Eowyn
8th place - Imperial Adhm
9th place - Star Fleet
10th place - Kahlua

1st place - Kid Glory
2nd place - In Bloom
3rd place - Lady Luck
4th place - Cheshire Cat
5th place - Blue Dreamer
6th place - WW Questioning Comets
7th place - Levent Turkish
8th place - Adrenaline Rush
9th place - Black To Go

1st place - Ibn Wahmiiq Badawi ox
2nd place - Judge TC
3rd place - El Bedeih Eswad
4th place - El Defai Yazid ox
5th place - Chocolatte
6th place - Kings Ransom

1st place - Two to tango
2nd place - Belle Artiste
3rd place - Dok Magoo
4th place - Tsunami
5th place - HRS Croffé
6th place - Gobar Inspiration
7th place - Falinelle CF

1st place - Il Mio Amore
2nd place - Road Rage
3rd place - Imperio

1st place - Artic Ice
2nd place - Show Session
3rd place - Fefico TH
4th place - Manor Of Delight

1st place - Nessuna Fortuna
2nd place - Khonsu
3rd place - KC Eclipse Moon
4th place - Stay With Bruce

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