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POA Dirty Harry Graded Stake Race

Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:21 pm

Held by Bessie at Pewter Oakes Auctions
POA Dirty Harry Graded Stake Race

Maiden Race Turf 6 Furlongs-
1st.Go Strong - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Londons Midnight Snacker - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Silverdust - Prize Money:$5000
4th.Raise a Jammin' Storm
5th.R Navigator

Maiden Race Dirt 6 Furlongs-
1st.Shiney Gold - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.IT Seattle Cards - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Fairy Pegasus - Prize Money:$5000
4th.R Enrichments Script
5th.IT Sea The Blush
6th.Shacon Bacon
7th.IT Dance Night

Ungraded Race Turf 8 Furlongs-
1st.Londons Beautiful Jewel - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.KC Trivial Pursuit - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.M Rain Tear - Prize Money:$5000
4th.R Brazen
6th.AIS Rock N' Roll

Ungraded Race Dirt 8 Furlongs-
1st.Alfa Romeo - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Rock A Bye Baby - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Jaded Secret - Prize Money:$5000
4th.R Challenger's Script

G3 Race Turf 1 1/8 Mile-
1st.R Charming Promise - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Shakespeare - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.HMS Blue Secrets - Prize Money:$5000
4th.Silver Wings
5th.Something Obscure

G3 Race Dirt 1 1/8 Mile-
1st.Celtic Dancer - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Mighty Affirmed - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Wildfire Pegasus - Prize Money:$5000
4th.Affirmed Pegasus
5th.Tons of Tomatoes

G2 Race Turf 12 Furlongs- CLOSED NO ENTRIES.

G2 Race Dirt 12 Furlongs-
1st.R Northern Experience - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Distant Emblem - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Anniversary - Prize Money:$5000

G1 Race Turf 10 Furlongs-
1st.Trikster IVE - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Hot Diamond - Prize Money:$7000

G1 Race Dirt 10 Furlongs-
1st.One Step Above - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Charming Banshee - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.ST Shiver Kat - Prize Money:$5000
4th.Fire On Ice
5th.ST Roman Dancer
6th.Pegasus Slew

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