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POA Chinatown Eventing Show

Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:22 pm

Held by Bessie at Pewter Oakes Auctions
POA Chinatown Eventing Show

Prospect Weanling-
1st.Dragon Of Fire - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.Lil Windesi
3rd.Gada Ce Mea Jump
4th.Galant du Espoir

Prospect Yearling-
1st.Chaste Astarte - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.DFA Simply In Command
3rd.Imperial Orashan
4th.Chaste Halina

Prospect 2yrs-
1st.Rock A Bye Baby - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.M Thee Psychotic
3rd.Montana Starlight
4th.Ramses Feathertip PB
5th.Dahabu Armand
6th.Halimaar's Delight
7th.DFA Golden Donna

Training Level / 3yrs-
1st.Rafiki - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.RFR Tyranical Sapphire

Novice / 4yrs-
1st.Tobias - Prize Money:$10,000
3rd.Platinum Heart
4th.Secret Affairs
5th.Bint El Shahreena

Training / 5yrs-
1st.Braveheart - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.Noblemans Peace GS

Preliminary / 6yrs-
1st.Robby Sues Ragtime Magic - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.Kriger Hjerte
3rd.Copper Angel

Intermediate / 7yrs-
1st.DFA Sky Commander - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.Phantom Race Horse

Advanced / 8yrs- (Closed No Entries)

CCI* / 9 yrs- (Closed No Entries)

CCI** / 10 yrs- (Closed No Entries)

CCI*** / 11 yrs-
1st.Tuscany BW - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.Briarcofts Steel Cobolt

CCI**** / 12+ yrs-
1st.Cerid Behrooz - Prize Money:$10,000
2nd.Dressed in Black

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