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POA The Omen Western Pleasure Show

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:23 pm
by Aine
Held by Bessie at Pewter Oakes Auctions
POA The Omen Western Pleasure Show

Junior Western Pleasure / 3-5 yrs-
1st.Farr Kha-Ron - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Dahabu Armand - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Mindy's Star - Prize Money:$5000
4th.M Thee Psychotic
6th.DFA Star Attraction

Intermediate Western Pleasure / 6-7 yrs-
1st.Ramses Asmarr - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Sahar Amra - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Dahabu Phabulous - Prize Money:$5000

Senior Western Pleasure / 8+ yrs-
1st.Encrypted - Prize Money:$15,000
2nd.Fadena El Serenity - Prize Money:$7000
3rd.Picazo - Prize Money:$5000
5th.Tayka Hint Dixieland