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VKA Here We Are Performance Trials

Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:26 am

VKA Here We Are Performance Trials (01/23/2009)

9a. Earthdog, Junior Class
CH Hanlon Earth Angel - Heather
RCH Ook's Igor On Chains - Heather
Top Ten
SF's Gold Digger - Heather
Jellylorum's Seal Beach - Heather
Day Tripper - Heather
Jellylorum's Tacsko - Heather
Eleanor Rigby - Heather
Jellylorum's Puss In Boots - Heather
SF's Jokers Wild - Heather
Jellylorum's Heather's A Deer? - Heather

9b. Earthdog, Senior Class
CH Jellylorum's South Side Of The Sky - Heather
RCH Jellylorum's Korokke - Heather
Top Ten
Sado - Heather
Blackis Bomb Jack - Heather

9c. Earthdog, Master Class
CH Kismit's Hear The Music Fade - Heather

10a. Herding, Started
CH Red Warrior's Ready To Go - Minnea
RCH Cicada LochO Qwynne - Johanna
Top Ten
Hukkaharjan Ketjureaktio - Johanna
Silverwing Western Outlaw - Heather
Slobodan Koya - Johanna
S's Loose Cannon - Heather
Kismit's Zizoo - Heather
Jin Kuga - Heather
Lasimeren Light of Hope - Johanna
Jellylorum's Used - Heather
Nevola's Fresco - Johanna
S's Boldizsar - Heather
DU Kiera - Minnea
Intimate Portrait - Minnea
Myrskyluodon Punainen Paroni - Johanna
Talen Blended Whiskey - Johanna
DU Zoe - Minnea
Stristar's Kissing The Devil - Johanna
Articur Nerena Frikor - Johanna
Burning Heart of Quadrant - Johanna
Lasimeren Eyonara - Johanna
Himeka Kujyou - Heather
Sparking Diamond - Minnea
IS' Royal Blue - Heather
Kazune Kujyou - Heather
Spare Dawn of Quadrant - Johanna
Kido's Red Shot - Johanna
Korpberget's Imran - Heather

10b. Herding, Intermediate
CH Karin Hanazono - Heather
RCH Hukkaharjan Voimalinja - Johanna
Top Ten
Jellylorum's A Garage Band From Seattle - Heather

10c. Herding, Excellent

11a. Hunting, Pointing Breeds
CH Jellylorum's Kala - Heather
RCH Kismit's All Night Long - Heather
Top Ten
Jellylorum's Prettige Feestdagen - Heather
Blackis Little Ghost - Heather
Jellylorum's Silver and Gold Decorations - Heather
Jellylorum's Bat - Heather
Rainbow Loves Princess Zelda - Heather
PK's Goodbye Horses - Heather

11b. Hunting, Retrievers
CH Hot Shot - Heather

11c. Hunting, Spaniels
CH Intercosma Logics DNA - Heather
RCH Jellylorum's Augustus - Heather
Top Ten
SF's Oban - Heather
Intercosma Mackie - Heather
SF's Manchester - Heather

11d. Hunting, Nordic Hunting Dogs
CH SF's Felix - Heather
RCH I'm Not Crazy, Just Unwell - Heather
Top Ten
You Can't Polish A Turd - Heather
Your Face Is Weird - Heather
Fiddle Faddle - Heather
Hanlon Christmas Concerto - Heather
Yeah, I'm That Good - Heather
SF's Bullseye - Heather
Forte Ansalanka - Minnea
SF's I Will Pineapple Slap Your Asscot - Heather
SF's Insomniatic - Heather
Get Your Geek On - Heather
For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic - Heather

11e. Hunting, Hounds
CH Kismit's Leon - Heather
RCH Blackis Ford Zodiac - Heather
Top Ten
Rainbow Loves Broken Man - Heather
Jellylorum's Lemon - Heather
Blackis Vodka Gimlet - Heather
Kismit's Flashes Of Light - Heather
Rainbow Loves Me And You And My Medication - Heather
Jellylorum's Cactus Cooler - Heather
Jellylorum's Jonesy Garcia - Heather
Rainbow Loves Winston - Heather

11f. Hunting, Coonhounds
CH Jellylorum's Gave Proof Through The Night That Our Flag Was Still There - Heather
RCH Jellylorum's They Dance Alone - Heather
Top Ten
Shai's Suffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow - Heather

12. Lure Coursing
CH Basenji - Blackis Kisantu - Heather

CH Borzoi - It's Too Late - Heather
RCH Borzoi - Republic Of One - Heather

CH Cirneco dell'Etna - PK's Barbell Director - Heather

CH Greyhound - Kismit's Grover - Heather
RCH Greyhound - Jellylorum's Chloe O'Brian - Heather

CH Ibizan Hound - Aoi Kiriya - Heather
RCH Ibizan Hound - Karin Karino - Heather

CH Portuguese Podengo - Kismit's Not Just A Mint - Heather
RCH Portuguese Podengo - Legacy's Labyrinto Del Fauno - Heather

CH Rhodesian Ridgeback - Kismit's Leon - Heather

CH Sloughi - Jellylorum's Laranja - Heather
RCH Sloughi - PK's Lucky - Heather

13a. Pulling, Open
CH Blackis Del Taco - Heather
RCH SF's Eat Spatula and Die - Heather
Top Ten
Jellylorum's Send Her My Love - Heather
Ralph - Heather
S's Playground Bully - Heather
Hanlon Devil's Food Cake - Heather
Rainbow Loves I Will Always Love You - Heather
Miss Piggy - Heather
Rainbow Loves Black Cat - Heather
Mr. Bombastic - Heather

13b. Pulling, Champion
CH S's Shiraz - Heather

14a. Sledding, 3 miles (2 to 3 dogs)
CH Starswept Little Disco Dancer 2 & Jellylorum's Rum Tum Tugger & Am I Not Pretty Enough - Heather
RCH Ralph & Blackis Del Taco & Rainbow Loves Black Cat - Heather

14b. Sledding, 7 miles (4 to 6 dogs)

14c. Sledding, 10 miles (7 or more dogs)

15a. Working Dog Trial, Level I
CH Jellylorum's Rock The Casbah - Heather
RCH Kismit's Fire Burn, Caldron Bubble - Heather
Top Ten
Jellylorum's King Of Pain - Heather
Jellylorum's Penny Parker - Heather
Kismit's Navajo - Heather
PK's Path Of Resistance - Heather
Rainbow Loves Step Brothers - Heather
S's Shiraz - Heather
Anshu z Kuraz - Minnea

15b. Working Dog Trial, Level II
CH Jellylorum's A Garage Band From Seattle - Heather
RCH Rainbow Loves Safari - Heather

15c. Working Dog Trial, Level III

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