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Kingswood 3-Show Series - Obedience - November 20, 2010

Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:36 am

Northumberland Sim Game

Show Name: Kingswood 3-Show Series - Obedience
Run Date: November 20, 2010
Hosted by: Mandy R at Tribeca Equestrian, Brighton

Notes & Prizes:
- Observe all Northumberland showing rules.
- Animals may enter one class.
- There is no limit to the number of animals or classes an owner can enter.
- Puppy class is limited to dogs born 2010.
- Entries and fees are due by 11:59 pm 19 Nov
- When entering, please copy the list above yours and add your dog where appropriate.

- $50 office fee per owner
- $50 entry per dog per class

1st, 2nd and Third Place entries receive Exclusive Kingswood Trophies! All placings are eligible for the Canine Ribbons and Medals posted by Mandy R. on the forums!

Division: Kingswood Obedience

Beginner Dog
01. CSS At Long Last
02. CSS I Dreamed a Dream
03. Kingswood Count
04. CSS Dread Pirate Wesley
05. VK True Grit
06. Kingswood Molotov

Beginner Bitch
01. CSS My Fair Lady
02. VK Tamerlane
03. CSS Accused of Piracy
04. Kingswood Miscreant
05. CSS Wake Me Up
06. CSS Black Market
07. CSS Storm the Palace
08. CSS Dioji
09. CSS Caught Counting
10. CSS Girl In Charge
11. Magnolia Lane Blythe
12. Magnolia Lane Coquette
13. VK On The Rocks

Intermediate Dog
01. Realta Brom

Intermediate Bitch
01. Realta Cusith
Westveil Estate

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