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2013 Year End Awards

Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:11 pm

2013 AHAC Year End Awards
50 / 35 / 15

Congratulations, everyone! The AHAC 2013 year is officially over! I will be dumping the entries soon, so that you can start getting your horses entered for 2014. :)

1. Horse of The Year
CH Foxx Pistol - Rueath Acres
RCH A Gee Whiz - Vintage Inc.

2. Champion Colt
CH LI Phangkor - Lithium Incorporated
RCH R Saadir Al Baameez - Raspberry Lane Farms

3. Champion Filly
CH Galal Amani - Galal Arabians
RCH V Paaryz - Vintage Inc.

4. Champion Futurity Horse
CH D Ibn Sethos - Golden Eagle Farm
RCH D Grzegorz - Golden Eagle Farm

5. Champion Junior Stallion
CH C Dazzle - Cantara Manor
RCH C Daaemion - Ashke Arabians

6. Champion Junior Mare
CH Zalotnyka - Cantara Manor
RCH A Mabroukaa - Ashke Arabians

7. Champion Senior Stallion
CH BT Budzyk Tolek - Blackthorn Hills Farm
RCH BT Zaimaal El Ghazal - Blackthorn Hills Farm

8. Champion Senior Mare
CH BT Elwira - Maghara Arabians
RCH Fhantasiya M - Maghara Arabians

9. Champion Most Classic Head
CH V Heru - Golden Bay Acres
RCH Gaelforce R - Rueath Acres

10. Champion Most Classic Arabian
CH G Starr Khatcher - Vintage Inc.
RCH C Prized Silver - Cantara Manor

11. Champion Sporthorse Stallion
CH G Ghazwan - Cantara Manor
RCH C Enfatuation - Cantara Manor

12. Champion Sporthorse Mare
CH C Bellissima - Cantara Manor
RCH Beaana M - Galal Arabians

13. Champion Gelding
CH D Ibn Sethos - Golden Eagle Farm
RCH D Grzegorz - Golden Eagle Farm

14. Champion Half Arabian Colt
CH Phantom M - Maghara Arabians
RCH LI Markiz - Lithium Incorporated

15. Champion Half Arabian Filly
CH A Love Note - Ashke Arabians
RCH Miriann M - Maghara Arabians

16. Champion Half Arabian Futurity Horse
CH Foxx Pistol - Rueath Acres
RCH A Gee Whiz - Vintage Inc.

17. Champion Half Arabian Junior Stallion
CH G Manolo Blahnik - Golden Bay Acres
RCHS Teknicality - Southern Acres Inc.

18. Champion Half Arabian Junior Mare
CH G French Connection - Golden Bay Acres
RCH A Serene - Golden Eagle Farms

19. Champion Half Arabian Senior Stallion
CH Dhestined For Gold F - Southern Acres Inc.
RCH River of Gold - Southern Acres Inc.

20. Champion Half Arabian Senior Mare
CH Elgwir Corycia - Elgwir Arabians
RCH A Selene - Ashke Arabians

21. Champion Half Arabian Sporthorse Stallion
CH Aldmeri Dominion AM - Arista Manor
RCH S Madhav - Southern Acres Inc.

21. Champion Half Arabian Sporthorse Mare
CH A Emira - Southern Acres Inc.
RCH CI Awanata - Golden Bay Acres

23. Champion Half Arabian Gelding
CH A Gee Whiz - Vintage Inc.
RCH A Goldschlager - Ashke Arabians

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Re: 2013 Year End Awards

Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:42 pm

my geldings tore it up this year! So proud of them, and my gorgeous Ashke girl A Serene :)

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