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Westveil Estate / Jenna

Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:50 pm

This is the official sim will for Jenna Peterson / Westveil Estate.

This will take effect if I, Jenna, am not present in the sim world without notice for a period of 12 months.

Breeders should reclaim horses from me at that point.

Sire owners of Westveil homebreds can claim foals at this point as well, though should I return, I will retain buybacks and reclaim rights.

All remaining horses at my stable (those bred/created by me, purchased condition free, or obtained from breeders who went inactive before me) will go into retirement, to return to activity with me should I return.

My homebreds owned by other players can be sold, retired, etc. as the owners see fit. If I return, my contract comes back into effect for whoever owns these horses at that point. (Whoever owns my horses at that point can keep them as long as they wish, but if they wish to sell, they must return the horses to me. If the current owners are inactive, I get to reclaim the horses.)

This applies to horses under a Westveil contract, and retroactively applies to horses from my previous endeavours bearing one of the following brands:
    [li] Atuan[/li]
    [li] Cherrywood[/li]
    [li] JA[/li]
    [li] Selki Cove / SC[/li]
    [li] Savvy[/li]

My previous sim names (should you only have that in your records) were:
    [li] Billy (Kimberlee Abigail "Billy" Cheshire)[/li]
    [li] Eni (Gwenivere "Eni" Davidsen)[/li]
    [li] Jaydee / jdmg / Jenga1[/li]
Westveil Estate

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