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How New Year Entries Work

Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:50 am

The AHAC has a brand new feature! In the new year, an admin will run the "advance horses" function. We can also run this function for individual members at any time, for players who want to age their horses on another timeline.

Say goodbye to re-doing all of your entries every year! The AHAC now features auto advancement for most classes. What does that mean? Any time an administrator runs the advancement function, horses are bumped out of classes they are too old for and into the next appropriate class (if one is identified).

In-Hand Classes: Horses that are age 31+ when the script runs will be bumped out of all of their in-hand classes. Geldings that have aged above 3 will no longer be entered in a "Halter" class, as there are no "Halter" classes for older geldings, but will still advance through liberty, etc.

Prospect Classes: Discipline prospect classes, including the 0-2 in-hand and the 3-4 under saddle classes, will be dropped if the horse is too old.

Non-Sport Ridden Classes: Horses that have turned 31+ will be dropped from their classes. All other horses will be moved into the correct class for their age.

Sport Ridden Classes: If the class is split into age increments (eg. Sporthorse Under Saddle), this works like the non-sport classes. If the class is open to [minimum age] to 30, the horse will stay in its class if it is 30 or younger, and drop it if the horse has become age 31+.

So, what do I need to do in the new year?
After a staff member has announced that advancement was run, you will need to:
- Make all entries for new horses
- Make ridden class entries for horses that have aged out of prospect classes
- Make adjustments to sport horses that need to level up

I age my horses more than once per year. Can I get my horses advanced at other times?
Absolutely! Just ask a staff member to run advancement on your herd only.
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Re: How New Year Entries Work

Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:54 am

sounds really good, great work!

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