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The SFR Rules and Regulations

Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:45 pm

About the SFR
The SIM Friesian Registry was originally started in 2005 and is intended to be an active show grounds that will help promote both Friesians and their crosses. So long as a horse has a minimum of 25% Friesian blood, they are more than welcome to participate in our show circuit. You are not required to register in any way to be able to show your horses within our circuit.

How do I participate?
In order to participate and show your horses in the SFR, you will need to add your horses to our Automatic Entry List. By doing so, you will automatically be entered in our monthly shows that are listed on our show calendar, as well as any member hosted shows.

Foal Naming Chart
Although it is not a requirement to name your horses according to the following chart, it is a standard guide that real life Friesians breeders follow.

2016 ABC
2015 WXYZ
2014 TUV
2013 PQRS
2012 MNO
2011 JKL
2010 GHI
2009 DEF
2008 ABC
2007 WXYZ
2006 TUV
2005 PQRS
2004 MNO
2003 JKL
2002 GHI
2001 DEF
2000 ABC
1999 WXYZ
1998 TUV
1997 PQRS
1996 MNO
1995 JKL
1994 GHI
1993 DEF
1992 ABC
1991 WXYZ
1990 TUV
1989 QRS
1988 OP
1987 MN
1986 KL
1985 IJ

SFR Point Systems
SFR Official Shows
Champion: 10 Pts
Reserve Champion: 8 Pts
Top Ten: 5 Pts

SFR Member Hosted Shows
Champion: 4 Pts
Reserve Champion: 3 Pts
Top Ten: 1 Pts

SFR Title System
250 SFR Points - SFR Bronze Champion (BCh.)
400 SFR Points - SFR Silver Champion (SlCh.)
650 SFR Points - SFR Gold Champion (GCh.)
800 SFR Points - SFR Platinum Champion (PCh.)
1250 SFR Points - SFR World Champion (WCh.)
1800 SFR Points - SFR Hall Of Fame (HOF.)
For every 1000 points past 1800 please add a + to the horses title.
Example: Tjerre has 3900pts, his title would be HOF++. Tjerre

How to Host an SFR approved Show
Hosting a show with the SFR is very simple. You would use the entry lists from our Automatic Entry List, use the randomizer provided by Maya, and post your results under the SFR Public Results board. Each barn is limited to 2 shows per month.

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Re: The SFR Rules and Regulations

Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:14 pm

Updated on 09/08/2013.

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Re: The SFR Rules and Regulations

Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:29 pm

Updated on 03/04/2014 to include badges. Please upload these badges to your own server.

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