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Missing Points - Rule of Thumb

Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:17 am

The ASSA council has discussed the issue of points discrepencies, between the new ASSA site and other sources of records.

Keeping mind, the new ASSA site may present a different points total than you were expecting for any of the following reasons:

- Your horse's name was misspelled, or the importer stripped the *, in some results. Check this page and let us know what needs to be renamed.

- Some very old results were poorly formatted, and as a result some classes were not processed correctly by the results importer. In these cases, if we couldn't figure out what the affected results were supposed to be, we deleted them.

- Last but not least, keep in mind that the old site Melanie hosted had a lot of duplicate results imported. Some horses had as many as 5 copies of the same result. For those horses, a lower point total is actually correct.

Summary / Decision:
If your horse is within 100 points of the title it was supposed to have, and you want it fixed right now (rather than letting it re-earn that titled when the rest of 2016 runs), send one of us a PM.

If your horse is missing more than 100 points and you can give us the exact records that need to be added / fixed, PM Jenna

If not, we're sorry, but we can't do anything. It is our hope that with the new site, which will run fairly and on time, your horses will recover their points quickly.

(Note that the old ASSA site did not populate the class list with all of the entered horses at once. It randomized 10 horses per owner, per class to appear. This means that any time someone ran multiple shows without refreshing the class list, a large number of horses were guaranteed no points.)
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