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AHEJC Rulebook & Showing Guide (Rev. 2016)

Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:06 am

All-Sim Hunter, Equitation and Jumper Circuit
Established in 2008
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The AHEJC opened its doors in 2008 to provide the All-Sim community with a reliable show circuit for their horses. Since then, it has not undergone many changes and has remained the same AHEJC that everyone has come to know and love. In March of 2016 Meaghan of Blackwell gifted the AHEJC a new interactive website to allow for ease of entry into our show circuit.[/center]

I. How do I Participate?
As of March 2016, in order to participate in the AHEJC you will be required to sign-up for our website, register your horses, and manage their entries. If you need an account, please PM me (Noel) the following information:

Member Name:
Stable Name:
Stable Link:
Take Part In Member Shows?: 1 Yes / 2 No

After you sign up, you may notice that you have horses listed under the AHEJC Archive. This is due to the results database entry. You will be given the tools to transfer these horses into your ownership.

II. Showing Guide
[x] The show year lasts one full year. Therefore, if a horse starts in a Green Hunter level, they must stay in that level for the entire year, and must move up one level when the new year starts.

[x] Classes labeled "Junior" or "Children's" are only for riders under the age of 18. Unless otherwise noted, "Children" are 11 and under, and "Juniors" are 12 and over. If there is no Children's class, then all riders under 18 ride in the Juniors class.

[x] Classes labeled "Adult" are only for riders 18 and over.

[x] Conformation classes are judged 65% on performance, 35% on conformation.

[x] Pony classes are labeled with Fence designations as follows: (height for smalls, height for mediums, height for larges) So it would look like this (without the bracketed information): Green Pony Hunter (2'3" [small], 2'3 [medium], 2'9" [large])

[x] In classes where a height is noted (aka "Large Junior Working Hunters" vs "Small Junior Working Hunters"), large horses are those over 16hh, and small horses are those 15.3hh and under. no ponies may enter these classes.

III. Cross Entry Guide
[x] Horses may cross-enter between Hunters and Equitation

[x] Horses may cross-enter between Jumpers and Equitation

[x] Horses may not cross-enter between Hunters and Jumpers

[x] Grand Prix Jumpers may only enter Level 8 or Level 9 Jumper classes. They may not enter any other Jumper classes.

[x] Mini Prix Jumpers may not enter any Jumper Classics. They may enter no more than 2 Mini Prix Classes per show.

[x] Jumper Classics are open only to those horses that competed in the Regular level version of the class (for example: Children's Jumper Classic is open only to horses that competed in Children's Jumpers).

IV. Can I Host a Show?
Absolutely! We encourage our members to participate in all areas of this association to keep it as active as possible. Beginning in May 2016, you will utilize this classlist, use the randomizer provided by Maya, and post your results under the AHEJC B Show Results board. Each barn is limited to 2 shows per month.

Point System

Champion: 10
Reserve: 8
Top Ten: 6

Champion: 8
Reserve: 7
Top Ten: 5

A Shows
Champion: 6
Reserve: 5
Top Ten: 3

B Shows
Champion: 5
Reserve: 4
Top Ten: 2
Title System

With the AHEJC, you have two choices for denoting titles in your horse's name. You may either use the letter prefixes (aka Ch Imaan) or the symbol suffixes (aka Imaan*)

300 pts – Champion [Ch prefix or * suffix]
450 pts: Regional Champion [RCh or */]
650 pts – National Champion [NCh or **]
1000 pts – International Champion [ICh or *//]
1500 pts – World Champion [WCh or ***]
2000 pts – Universal Champion [UCh or ****]
3000 pts – Hall of Fame Champion [HOF or *///]
+add another slash for every additional 1,000 pts your horse receives.

AHEJC Award Badges
These are to be added to your horses pages, should you wish to do so.
Please ensure that you upload these to your own servers and do not hotlink.

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