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Oakmore's Tree Top Dog Show 2006

Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:03 am

Oakmore's Tree Top Dog Show 2006
Hosted by Noel
Run in December 2006

Toy Group
Best In Breed - Oakmore's Stylish Boy
1st - Dochlaggie Beneath the Willow
2nd - Oakmore's Trend Setter
3rd - Carmac's Wee Snowball
4th - Oakmore's Fashion Trend
5th - Oakmore's Little Miss

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Best In Breed - Kassanova's Show Special

Shih Tzu
Best In Breed - Ashke Regent's Poet
1st - Ashke Lighter Than Blood
Ashke Tolkien Aneis

Best In Breed - Four Star's Milo

Best In Toy Group Kassanova's Show Special

Hound Group
Irish Wolfhound
Best In Breed - Ashke Cra-Dhearg
1st - Ashke Dubliner
2nd - Ashke Belfast Beauty
3rd - Ashke Claddagh
4th - Ashke Roan Inish

Pharaoh Hound
Best In Breed - Dancing Samba Khepri
1st - Snefru

Best In Breed - Viking Ridge Knight Rider
1st - Viking Ridge Ultra Violet

Best In Hound Group Dancing Samba Khepri

Working Group
English Mastiff
Best In Breed - Ashke Little Lion
1st - Ashke Bravissimo Maestro
2nd - Ashke Mind Powers
3rd - Ashke Emmaline

Great Dane
Best In Breed - Ice Soul Jack Frost
1st - Princess of The Night
2nd - Ashke Italian Iced Soda
3rd - Ashke Winter Wonderland
4th - Make It Kodak

Best In Breed - Ashke One Horse Sleigh

American Pit Bull Terrier
Best In Breed - Moscow's Gold Moon Rising

Best In Working Group Ashke Little Lion

Terrier Group
Border Terrier
Best In Breed - Ashke La Bolaigna
1st - Ashke Herald-Mage
2nd - Ashke Queen Elizabeth

Best In Terrier Group Ashke La Bolaigna

Non-Sporting Group
Shiba Inu
Best In Breed - Ryuryu Lady Red Nikita
1st - Yamaka no Taka

Best In Non-Sporting Group Ryuryu Lady Red Nikita

Sporting Group
Golden Retriever
Best In Breed - Golden Chloe

Best In Sporting Group Golden Chloe

BEST IN SHOW Kassanova's Show Special

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