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Returning these guys to WF because of lack of time to keep up with contract obligations.
BT Imperida Shayzeera http://briarwoodarabians.com/imperidashayzeera.html
BT Al Rinaaz Sadiya http://briarwoodarabians.com/alrinaazsaadiya.html
BT Darya Bint Madhia http://briarwoodarabians.com/daryaalmadhia.html
BT Banafsha Al Sarita http://briarwoodarabians.com/banafshaalsarita.html
BT Dahhaak El Qahir http://briarwoodarabians.com/dahhaakelqahir.html
Tiluuske WF http://briarwoodarabians.com/tiluuske.html
Rykaard WF http://briarwoodarabians.com/rykaard.html

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