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Blue Moon English Shows Saddleseat

Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:32 am

Held by Mahina.

Points & Earnings
Champion of Show: 10,000 points and $200,000
Reserve Champion of Show: 5,000 points and $100,000
Champion of Class: 5,000 pts and $100,000
Reserve Champion of Class: 4,000 pts and $60,000
1st: 1,500 pts and $15,000
2nd: 1,000 pts and $10,000
3rd: 800 pts and $7,500
4th: 500 pts and $5,000

Champion: HVK Knighthawk
Reserve Champion: Silhouette Queen
1st: Ellegante Rose
2nd; Maximillian's Mystic
3rd: Angurboda

1st: HVK Knighthawk
2nd; Maximillian's Mystic
3rd: Angurboda

1st: Ellegante Rose
2nd: Silhouette Queen

Country English Pleasure
1st: Silhouette Queen
2nd: Ellegante Rose

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