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Magnolia Hill's Outrageously Se*y ASSS DA Show

Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:51 am

Magnolia Hill's Outrageously Se*y ASSS DA Show

Introductory Level Tests
I1. Introductory Test I Female
(out of 10)
1st. Gypsy Twirl
2nd. RDR Doc's Duster
3rd. Alydar's Isis AHA
4th. MR better Authorities
5th. OCean side's Just Music
6th. Sugar Port

I2. Introductory Test I Male
(out of 8)
1st. Bijon Silk
2nd. Virtramt
3rd. 4C Gallaleau
4th. Ocean Side's Mairte de Chanson
5th. Moonshine's Painted Gold
6th. Arko II

I3. Introductory Test II Female
(out of 10)
1st. RFR I Spot A Cute Lady
2nd. RDR Doc's Duster
3rd. Ocean Side's Just Music
4th. Gypsy Twirl
5th. Mh better Authorities
6th. Irish Dreams

I4. Introductory Test II Male
(out of 8)
1st. Ocean Side's Maitre de Chanson
2nd. Virtramt
3rd. D Soft
4th. Moonshine's painted Gold
5th. Impressions by Moonlight
6th. Arko II

Novice Level Tests
N1. Novice Test A Female
(out of 12)
1st. Gixaerin
2nd. Solaris
3rd. Sugar Port
4th. NHF Visionary Rain
5th. Storm Prospect
6th. Ivy's Tinsel

N2. Novice Test A Male
(out of 8)
1st. Ocean Side's Maitre de Chanson
2nd. Icy's Christmas Magic
3rd. Icy's Jingle Bells
4th. Long Distance
5th. Moonshine's Painted Gold
6th. Starfleet Irresistable

N3. Novice Test B Female
(ou tof 12)
1st. E Carnage
2nd. Exclusive
3rd. Severn Crickieth
4th. KC Farnley's Red Rose
5th. Storm Prospect
6th. D Taaza

N4. Novice Test B Male
(out of 7)
1st. Starfleet Irresistable
2nd. Bijan Silk
3rd. Ivy's Christmas Cheer
4th. Golden LIghts
5th. Long Distance
6th. Hired Questions

Training Level Tests
T1. Training Level Test A Female
(out of 11)
1st. Ivy's Snowfall
2nd. Sound of Silence
3rd. Stary's Princess
4th. Ms. Chardonney
5th. FGF Fireworks at Dusk
6th. kC Fanrley's Red Rose

T2. Training Level Test A Male
(out of 11)
1st. Rorioso
2nd. Moonshine's Western Heart-truth
3rd. D Cardinal
4th. Storm's Fury
5th. 4C Baccardi
6th. Ivy's Jingle Bells

T3. Training Level Test B Female
(out of 9)
1st. Ms. Chardonney
2nd. Exclusive
3rd. E Carnage
4th. Moonshine's Princess Royal
5th. Ivy's Boughs of Holly
6th. Stary's Princess

T4. Training Level Test B Male
(out o11)
1st. Rorioso
2nd. True to the Heart
3rd. Moonshine's Western Heart-truth
4th. Storm's Fury
5th. e Pretzel
6th. 4C Baccardi

First Level Tests
F1. First Level Female
(out of 11)
1st. FGF ClassicGoldenMischief
2nd. Ivy's Must Be Me
3rd. 4C Energetic
4th. OSF Dia De Oro
5th. Carwed Orlaithe
6th Sound of Silence

F2. First Level Male
(out of 11)
1st. Ivy's Illusional Dez
2nd. True to the Heart
3rd. Antarni Vaa Selventer
4th. Moonshine's Western Heart-truth
5th. 4C Grand Mariner
6th. Starcrossed

F3. First Level Freestyle Open Gender

Class A
(out of 8)
1st. Siewalf
2nd. Murrieta
3rd. Rhode Toward Arktic
4th. Marc Anthony
5th. Carte D'Or
6th. Antarni Vaa Selevnter

Class B
(out of 7)
1st. 4C Energetic
2nd. Lucayen Prince
3rd. 4C Baccardi
4th. Starcrossed
5th. OSF Celestial Winds
6th. Carwed Orlaithe

Second Level Tests
S1. Second Level Female
(out of 11)
1st. Silver Fireworks
2nd. FGF ClassicGoldenMischief
3rd. Corruption
4th. Carwed Orlaithe
5th. Midnight Lady
6th. OSF Grand Expositions

S2. Second Level Male
(out of 7)
1st. moonshine's Big Orange Truck
2nd. Starcrossed
3rd. Mascaro Rouge
4th. Lucayen Prince
5th. Mi Piace Oro
6th. King O'War

S3. Second Level Freestyle Open Gender
(out of 10)
1st. OSF Grand Expositions
2nd. Starcrossed
3rd. Cammando Z
4th. Moonshine's Big Orange Truck
5th. Midnight Lady
6th. Silver Fireworks

Third Level Tests
Th1. Third Level Female
(out of 5)
1st. Corded Line
2nd. Night Ofir
3rd. FGF Dirty Dancing
4th. RF Sass Fantastic
5th. Abercrombie

Th2. Third Level Male
(out of 7)
1st. 4C American Standard
2nd. King O'War
3rd. OSF Nothin' But Desire
4th. Bailefour Gryphin
5th. Dueldanz
6th. Mi Paice Oro

Th3. Third Level Freestlye Open Gender
(out of 11)
1st. 4C American Eagle
2nd. Mi Paice Oro
3rd. 4C American Standard
4th. King O'war
5th. Night Ofit
6th. Bailefour Gryphin

Fourth Level Tests
Fo1. Fourth Level Female
(out of 11)
1st. SA Impressive Dream
2nd. Illusion
3rd. FGF Dirty Dancing
4th. OSF Arctic Mystery
5th. Fantasia
6th. KC Baltimore

Fo2. Fourth Level Male
1st. Devilish Fancies
2bd. Inkingito
3rd. Duelldanz
4th. Bailefour Gryphin
(out of 4)

Fo3. Fourth Level Freestyle Open Gender
(out of 11)
1st. Inkingito
2nd. Moonshine's Tsarina
3rd. WW Questioning Comets
4th. Fantasia
5th. Saturday's Child
6th. OSF Arctic Mystery

Prix St. George Level Tests

P1-2. Prix St. George Male and Female Combined
(oput of 9)
1st. WRS SecondChance
2nd. First Impression
3rd. OSF Dreamin of the Sea
4th. Karl's Dream
5th. Moonsine's Tsarina
6th. G Dove Beloved

P3. Prix St. George Freestyle Open Gender
(out of 8)
1st. HVK Fire Hazard
2nd. EDethane
3rd. First Impression
4th. 4C Elite Chinook
5th. WRS SecondChance
6th. E Hazzi

Intermediare Level Tests

M1-2 Intermediare I female and male combined
(out of 8)
1st. KC Kalmanu Dancer
2nd. Teddy's COpper Duke
3rd. Golden Romeo
4th. Joyride
5th. HVK Fire Hazard
6th. Monphoro

M3. Intermediare II Female
(out of 6)
1st. Epoc
2nd. Kumonda
3rd. FE Cherry Bomb
4th. Heart of Gold
5th. KC Eclipse Moon
6th, Justania

M4. Intermediare II Male
1st. Golden Romeo
2nd. Monphoro
3rd. Rendezvous
4th. World Artiste
5h. Grande
6th. Windwalzer
(out of 6)

M5. Intermediare Freestyle Open Gender
(out of 10)
1st. E Hazzi
2nd. FE Cherry Bomb
3rd. Grande
4th. E Dethanne
5th. Heart of Gold
6th. Windwalkzer

Grand Prix Level Tests
GP1. Grand Prix Female
(out of 8)
1st. z-class EF NF Atagot Summer Diatys
2nd. Justania
3rd. z-class Summers Solution
4th. E Dethanna
5th. Elite Angel
6th. KC Eclipse Moon

GP2. Grand Prix Male
(out of 7)
1st. E Hazzi
2nd. KC Saturnalia
3rd. Maskarine
4th. Karl's nickel
5th. Teddy's Copper Duke
6th. SA Make Way

GP3. Grand Prix Freestyle Open Gender

(out of 6)
1st. Dream Space
2nd. World Artista
3rd. Maskarine
4th. Atagot Sumemr Diatys
5th. Summmers Solution
6th. Kumonda

(out of 7)
1st. North Star
2nd. Teddy;s Copper Duke
3rd. Johnny Chinook CAE
4th. Justania
5th. KC Saturnalia
6th. KC Eclipse Moon

Best Score: Devilsh Fancies
Reserve Score: Epoc
Horses Forever Stable: Blackvale Ltd.
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