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AHAC 2015 Year End Awards

Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:45 am

AHAC 2015 Year End Awards
A spreadsheet was utilized combining all overall champions and reserves and the total number of overalls per horse in a respective division was taken in consideration when choosing a Champion or Reserve. For example, some horses received Overall Champion in their division 5 times in the span of a year, which automatically placed them as the Champion where none other had accomplished that number of times. For the remaining where there were no clear winners, the classes were randomized. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Congratulations to the winners!

Point System
Champion - 75
ResChampion - 50
Top Ten - 35

1. Colt Of The Year
CH T Mihyar al Suhayl - Thuraiya Manor
RCH BT Atlas - Blackthorn Hills Farm
S Bocelli - Southern Acres Inc.
Evergreens Royally Blue - Evergreen Inc
Priiet M - Maghara Arabians
KS Naoki - Kaimel Stable
BT Orvville - Blackthorn Hills Farm
KS Elias - Kaimel Stable
BT Czechov - Blackthorn Hills Farm
KS Drake - Kaimel Stable
Moutribah al Najya - al Najya
Jamilah Thor - Dahabu Arabians

2. Filly Of The Year
CH G Arizonaa - Golden Bay Acres
RCH AS Meritaten Bint Nefertiti - Evergreen Inc
AS Wagi Bint Royyalle - Evergreen Inc
KS Naunet - Kaimel Stable
G Aritzia - Golden Bay Acres
V Ebonique - Golden Eagle Farm
V Rhaapsody - Golden Bay Acres
S Engelic - Southern Acres Inc.
Eroiica M - Southern Acres Inc.
FA Brioche - Firebelly Arabians
Agnieszka R - Blackthorn Hills Farm
G Ahlaszhan - Firebelly Arabians

3. Futurity Horse Of The Year
CH Galal Xcitement - Galal Arabians
RCH Firiel COF - Cedar Oak Farms
Aquinas AM - Arista Manor
Evergreens Eyab Ibn Simeon - Evergreen Inc
Darq Star C - Camelot Canada
G Adrya - Golden Bay Acres
Cala Talysman - Southern Acres Inc.
D Karazi Kazan - Blackthorn Hills Farm
G Toi Moon - Golden Bay Acres
Evergreens Holieb - Evergreen Inc
LI Sixte - Lithium Incorporated
V Qasima - Golden Bay Acres

4. Junior Stallion Of The Year
CH C Zakariya Ibn Sihr - Blackthorn Hills Farm
RCH FA Kain - Ashke Arabians
T Paladin - Thuraiya Manor
G Ngai - Golden Bay Acres
S Innin Ibn Raashid - Firebelly Arabians
Midnight Myth - Maghara Arabians
A Sshowoff - Ashke Arabians
Galal Khnoontime - Galal Arabians
C Ivana Go Fast - Vintage Arabians
Kodey Wv - Westveil Estate
LI Thee Ibn Khalfani - Lithium Incorporated
G Bourree - Golden Bay Acres

5. Junior Mare Of The Year
CH V Ngaio - Golden Eagle Farm
RCH Gypsieberry M - Westveil Estate
*Eucalandra - Blackthorn Hills Farm
A Maarsala - Ashke Arabians
S Nitza - Rueath Acres
Periianne M - Maghara Arabians
A Urbana - Arista Manor
FA Sita - Firebelly Arabians
G Phantaysia - Golden Bay Acres
GS Magnolia - Golden Eagle Farm
Evergreens Zina - Evergreen Inc
Gawaher - Zanadu Pacific Estate

6. Senior Stallion Of The Year
CH Ibn Barakah M - Ashke Arabians
RCH G Brigadoon - Golden Bay Acres
C Cezarjak - Blackthorn Hills Farm
G Makhahr - Arista Manor
BT Rakhshan Ibn Aadeed - Golden Eagle Farm
Song of a Golden Age - Thuraiya Manor
BT Pakisztan - Blackthorn Hills Farm
Atuan Bonifacy - Westveil Estate
AS Badri - Evergreen Inc
Brennus - Zanadu Pacific Estate
BT Nostradamus - Maghara Arabians
Atuan Krzysztof - Westveil Estate

7. Senior Mare Of The Year
CH CF Nefertiti - Evergreen Inc
RCH V Yncarnacion - Southern Acres Inc.
Zuleika M - Maghara Arabians
G Sabihah Widaad - Golden Bay Acres
C Enchantress - Firebelly Arabians
Galal Makata - Lithium Incorporated
Sofiya - Thuraiya Manor
Shukriya Nada Amal MP - Madrona Park
Sayyida Hameyn MP - Madrona Park
R Shaalim Al Aadeed - Raspberry Lane Farm
Petrina C - Camelot Canada
BT Inaazli Om Fazheera - Blackthorn Hills Farm

8. Most Classic Head Of The Year
CH S Bint Venomkiss - Madrona Park
RCH G Optyka - Golden Bay Acres
Q Akcja - Camelot Canada
Baghatur MP - Madrona Park
Isaraakh AM - Golden Eagle Farm
Azureus AM - Arista Manor
D Samad Noor - Golden Eagle Farm
BT Marco Polo - Golden Eagle Farm
AS Ho Chi Minh - Evergreen Inc
Kaiine M - Maghara Arabians
G Grigoryev - Blackthorn Hills Farm
V Maajik - Vintage Arabians

9. Most Classic Arabian Of The Year
CH FA Emporio - Firebelly Arabians
RCH G Miraj - Golden Bay Acres
G Kaplow - Firebelly Arabians
G Kyashha - Vintage Arabians
V Echidna - Rueath Acres
Thayet - Thuraiya Manor
Jumanah - Thuraiya Manor
Trea - Zanadu Pacific Estate
Faleehah al Rayad - Ramya Ranch
*G Pohaniecz - Dahabu Arabians
Burkhan AM - Maghara Arabians
Komora - Galal Arabians

10. Sporthorse Mare/Filly Of The Year
CH Boznia - Ashke Arabians
RCH KS Agent X - Kaimel Stable
Jamilah Mystique - Dahabu Arabians
Satyre Wv - Westveil Estate
G Avenidaa - Madrona Park
BT Empathy - Golden Eagle Farm
Intisaar al Qismat - al Najya
Caracal - Galal Arabians
Safiraah GF - Firebelly Arabians
Patroczia M - Firebelly Arabians
G Mandilla - Vintage Arabians
Nessaja Dance - Starfire Estates

11. Sporthorse Stallion/Colt Of The Year
CH FA Epilogue - Firebelly Arabians
RCH Q Admiral - Camelot Canada
V Bardzo - Vintage Arabians
Galal Zebedee - Lithium Incorporated
S Marshall Law - Kaimel Stable
Imperial Kamal - Camelot Canada
Evergreens Tornado - Evergreen Inc
BT Orvville - Blackthorn Hills Farm
FA Enferno - Firebelly Arabians
Silva Dreams - Zanadu Pacific Estate
BT Bocacciosz - Blackthorn Hills Farm
Ederii M - Maghara Arabians

12. Half-Arabian Foal Of The Year
CH G Malibu Barbie - Golden Bay Acres
RCH Rocketter GE - Golden Eagle Farm
Gamblers Luck AES - Lithium Incorporated
U Kneazle - Utsikten
Galal Pinnacle - Galal Arabians
Uppity Plaudit - Rosewood Farms
WI Perksofthetrade - Evergreen Inc
Alphons Nero - Lowland Stud
BT Republican Glory - Vintage Arabians
Dahabu Charming Minx - Rueath Acres
EH Spotlight - Etherealm Incorporated
Johannaa M - Maghara Arabians

13. Half-Arabian Futurity Horse Of The Year
CH D Pure Gold - Lithium Incorporated
RCH G Blue Lagoon - Maghara Arabians
Harlem Vyktoria - Lithium Incorporated
Docs Dhark Scarlet Wv - Lithium Incorporated
Kajetan M - Maghara Arabians
Kharoliza F - Southern Acres Inc.
BT Nautical - Golden Eagle Farm
BT Benjamin Button - Blackthorn Hills Farm
LI Coreene - Lithium Incorporated
S Cool Breeze - Southern Acres Inc.
Cologne M - Lithium Incorporated

14. Half-Arabian Junior Horse Of The Year
CH V Beamish - Vintage Arabians
RCH CI Bijoux - Golden Bay Acres
G Whonderland - Golden Bay Acres
S Tyrants Charm - Southern Acres Inc.
BT CrackRock Estates - Blackthorn Hills Farm
V Cosa Nostra - Golden Bay Acres
Marie Antoinette LI - Lithium Incorporated
Mossberg VA - Vintage Arabians
S Omar Kadin - Lithium Incorporated
Z Hez Khlassic - Wrong Way Stud
G ForgetMeNot - Blackthorn Hills Farm
C Peugeot - Blackthorn Hills Farm

15. Half-Arabian Senior Horse Of The Year
CH D Ashland Pride - Golden Eagle Farm
RCH S In The Dhark - Southern Acres Inc.
Ramya Andale - Ramya Ranch
S Against The Ropes - Southern Acres Inc.
S Raansky - Maghara Arabians
A Chocolate Chip - Golden Bay Acres
S Pyrotekhnik - Golden Bay Acres
BT Royal Conquest - Golden Eagle Farm
Twister D - Southern Acres Inc.
BT Windswept Orchid - Blackthorn Hills Farm
Kentake VA - Vintage Arabians
G Jupiter at Midnight - Golden Bay Acres

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